Dr. Pradeep K. Singh MD

This clinic provides services for full spectrum of Family Practice
Dr. Pradeep K. Singh M.D. extends patient care, clinical care and preventative medicine to patients in and around Palmdale and Lancaster, California.

With his MBBS from Kanpur University, and his Board Certifications in Emergency Medicines, Family Practice and Disability Analyst as well as MBA in Health Care Administration, he continues to build on more than three decades of professional expertise in the Healthcare Industry.

Utilizing his academic foundation in business, Dr. Pradeep K Singh reached the pinnacle of his professional career as an entrepreneur, launching his private practice to embrace and extend his full spectrum of medical expertise, while overseeing daily business operations.

Dr. Pradeep K. Singh M.D. is affiliated with the American Association of Family Physicians, the County Medical Association and the California Academy of Family Physicians providing an exceptional level of care to you and your family that will exceed your expectations.